Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Goodies from Columbus OHIO

One of the days that Chris and I were in Columbus was our Shopping Day.
We happened upon a really cute little vintage shop that was absolutely encrusted with old-timey Christmas Decorations.

Besides that, we found a couple jems amongst the piles and piles of things from the days of olde.
Doll Chandelier Anyone?

Me Burried amongst a million vintage toys

Look what I found amongst all the vintage toys & books

This is what Chris found


A Fantastically Wonderful Mushroom Serving Bowl - mushrooms to die for!

Ryan and Jenny amongst a million vintage coats

Ryan's new hat

Ryan and Urkel

I really wish we would have taken some more photos of all the other sweet things in the shop. I always get nervous when taking pictures in stores. I remember my retail days when we used to bust people taking photos all the time! At least we got a couple gems!
I can't get enough of the nostalgic stuff in places like these!!

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