Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Pattern: the CUTE clan

This pattern is dedicated to the CUTE clan, which consists of myself, Chris, Ryan, Jesse and sometimes Adam.

We always make our clan tag "CUTE" and roam from game to game (Battlefield being the usual stand by), laughing it up and taking on all opponents.


One of my favorite things about playing with these guys are the quirks and personality that comes out while playing. Ryan is all about teamwork, he'll always wait for you to join him before an attack. Chris is the lone wolf, veering from the pack out of nowhere to find a good sniping spot. Jesse always wants to cleverly bounce grenades off door-frames, usually resulting in it bouncing back in our faces. And Adam is the the eager Noob, not much of a shot and always rushing headlong into danger.


  1. Oh yeah, I am making this my desktop at work also, just fyi.

  2. My favorite thing I've ever seen <3

  3. NICE!!!! TEAM CUTE! This pattern makes me happy, but a little sad a the same time. If I'm seeing this correct you are not in the pattern. I demand another Team Cute pattern with you included! Also since you didn't write your own gaming personality here it is.
    Chris H usually being the command leader keeping us together. That is if he isn't busy yelling at Ryan.

  4. Chris is in the pattern, in all of our hearts.

  5. I think I'm spot on! I love how excited and amazed I look. That's usually how the game starts, then pretty soon I'm just laughing at how badly I'm getting masacred. Also it's important to note how much paler I am than everyone else. We should all make some pajamas out of this pattern and wear them while playing shooty games!

  6. Adam, I had to fight to not make you a nice shade of blueish!