Monday, August 15, 2011

Daily Pattern: Sgt. CUTE

Whew! It's after midnight on Sunday, but I'm caught up from our trip to Montana! Whoo-hoo!

I got a strong response to my previous pattern The CUTE Clan. Basically, everyone said "Where are you?!"

I guess I am the founder of Team CUTE and the one who brought most of these wonderful friends together for the first time. I guess I had no choice.

So here I am. A pattern all about moi! What a guy!



  1. No NO NO, you got the teeth ALL WRONG> you have more then three teeth! Now everyone will be confused!

  2. I take credit for the face where you are midly upset but not yelling. You're mildy upset because I've been staring at rock for five minutes trying to solve "secrets"...but you're not yelling because you know I suck at those games so it's expected.