Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Pattern : Dedication to Gil + Peace and love

Please welcome this week's Featured Friend, Emily Muschinske! She's a pattern lover and artist! Take a peek at her great work on her site! She lived in Madison (Chris'hometown!) for years! Welcome, Emily! We're excited to feature you this week!

Here are some words from Emily about today's topic! :

"This pattern goes out to my buddy Gillian Waterman, my friend of 33 years. This is a homage to our 6th grade selves; back when we carried LeSportsac pouches around school fully loaded with lip smackers, friendship pins and buttons of our favorite classic rock bands The Who, The Stones and Duran Duran. We were into peace as a fashion concept, but didn't really worry about it as a political objective. Yet. Love ya, Gil."
-Emily Muschinske



  1. Yeah, Emily! So happy you can join us this week! Great one!

  2. SO great to be here! I think I might invite myself to come again next week. This is really fun. What a cool project!

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