Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily Pattern: South of the Border

We're proud to introduce Jason Norman as this week's Featured Friend! Jason is starting us off with Monday's pattern! We're so excited to share his work with you!
He's sent us two colorways for his first pattern and a couple words about it!:

"Growing up on the border of Mexico in the deep Southwest, only one style of boot has dominated my mind leaving little room for all else. No matter how far removed from home I find myself- Cowboy boots are always the first boot to come to mind. Back home these good ol' pie-kicking works of art are like snowflakes scattered across the desert, unique to the owner & craftsman- no two pair were ever alike no matter how similar."


"Covered in tightly knit patterns & ornate decorations, every real pair of cowboy boots is hand made from stitching to staining & can take upwards of 100 hrs complete for highly detailed work. I wanted to capture that craft & the staggering variety of boot styles & classic vaquero designs within my pattern, choosing to create a dense houndstooth-styled arrangement to reinforce the limitless variations of boots in the wild."
-Jason Norman


  1. Nice! I have a feeling we'd both pick the skull one given the option.