Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Pattern : So Hot

The first time I went to L.A. was miserable. I went on a work trip as an accessories buyer when I was in college. I roomed with a woman twice my age with loud sleeping habits and an early bedtime. I remember running around crappy districts, digging through boxes to buy cheap, bulk underwear and plastic jewelry. When I decided to visit again a couple years ago, I decided to go with a fresh mindset. This time, we had no major agenda, one tradeshow to go to, and the rest of a couple days to visit friends, eat great food and wander the streets of Beverly Hills. That trip was a solid about-face from the last, leaving me with a magical feeling. There was maybe even a little bit of crying on the way home, too. L.A. - you're so damn cool.


p.s. Say hi to all of my friends from MCAD when you visit! L.A. seems to collect Minneapolis transplants like crazy.

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