Thursday, August 25, 2011

Found: Creatures


Hello there and welcome to my first little column (of more to come) about 'Found' patterns and illustrators who utilise patterns in their work! This week I chose to feature who draw creature patterns!
First up is Helen Dardik, a freelance illustrator based in Canada. You can check out her work on her Website and her blog .
Helen has a beautiful and colourful illustration style with a flat graphic feel to her work, and it's wonderfully stylised! She doesn't only work in patterns but she has an entire section devoted to her pattern works on her website!

Next up is Tim Biskup, a California based illustrator. You can view his work on his Website or his Blog.
Tim also has a great style to his illustration work, somewhat similar to Dardik's rounded style and another illustrator I love! His crazy monster designs are wonderful!

For the last creature feature ( see what I did there ;P ) I've chosen an artist a little closer to home for me! Ben Newman is an illustrator from the UK, based in Bristol which is where I studied for my illustration degree! In fact he was a guest lecturer at my uni once a week, so I got to chat with him a few times about my work which was great!
You can view his work on his website or his Blog.
Ben has a wonderful illustration style using repeating geometric shapes and in an aesthetic style reminiscent of 50s print illustrations. You can buy prints of his work on his website but the last image is of a repeating totem pattern tape that you can buy at Betty & Dupree.

That's all for this week but stay tuned for more illustrator features :)
As a fun extra - we're adding the option for anyone to participate in doing an additional daily pattern based on this collection's topic! Daily pattern contributors - if you are interested, the "Creatures" topic is open for contributions! We'll post them anytime between now and the next post. Good luck and see you next time!


  1. These are all really great! I love that geometric lion...thing!

  2. I just looked at this again for the 5th time. This is awesome. Can't wait to see what you do next!!