Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Pattern : Jacks & Livestream with Francesca!

I JUST made my Daily Pattern for today on Livestream! It took just over an hour and Francesca and I had a fun time talking about toys, food and art again! It's pretty neat! I did a pattern of my mom's favorite nostalgic toy, jacks! She used to play them with her cousins (who are super fun!) when she was little!

EDIT: Awe! Sad! Of course, after the fact I find out that we have some insane double or triple echo on this livestream! Saddest thing ever! I don't know how to fix it, so I'll just warn you - if you try to listen, you'll be hearing us x10.


Here is the livestream of this pattern and some great conversation! I did it in Illustrator so if you're curious how I did it, it's all here! So fun!

Edit: Beware the crazy echo! Maybe just turn the sound off unless you want to listen to us sound like we're in a cave!!!

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