Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our friend, Zeus, needs a forever home.

UPDATE: Predictably, we decided to keep Zeus! He no longer needs a home!


Okay, we have a heart-breaking story for you. Get your tissues out...

Two nights ago we were driving home from the studio. We were parked at a red light and watched as a skinny black cat slowly made his way into the middle of Minnehaha Avenue (One of the busiest streets in South East Minneapolis). I panicked, got out of the car and walked him back to the side of the road, near some apartment buildings. He was a sweet cat and I looked to see if he had any tags or collar. He might have once been someone's beloved pet?


It's not uncommon for us to see outside cats around the neighborhood. Instead of thinking anything of it, I turned around once he was in sight of safety and started back towards the car. Instead of staying put, he followed me right out into the road again and we repeated the process until I finally just picked him up and carried him back out of the road. It wasn't until I picked him up that I saw that he was dirty, skinny and had two huge, long bald patches on either side.


I didn't know what to do. All I could think about was that this cat had obviously been mistreated or abandoned, and was in desperate need of some help. He looked like he badly needed a bath and a bowl of food. So I put him in the car and took him home.
The next morning we took him to the vet to get a check-up. They told me that although he was very thin, he was a healthy with no ailments (aside from being a little bony), and that he actually had a micro-chip!
They called the 24 hour pet watch immediately to see if they could locate his owner.


After getting a phone number and some more information, I made a call to the last person that was on file for his chip - who told me that the cat used to belong to her daughter years ago, and that he had been sold to someone on Craigslist at least a year and a half ago, when her daughter had moved to Texas. The woman on the phone lived 40 miles away from where we found him. She told me she had gotten a similar call from a concerned person last week about the same cat. Someone else in the neighborhood had been kind enough to try and find his home. No owner was ever found.


We are happy to be fostering him while we try our best to find him a forever home. It seems this poor boy has been bounced around since he was a kitten. In and out of homes - and finally ended up in the street, worse for ware.

We are looking for a committed individual to adopt our cuddly, easy going friend Zeus. He is a wonderful, low maintenance guy. As he starts to fatten up and regrow his hair, we're sure he'll be glossy and beautiful. Please pass the word to friends and family. If you know someone in the Twin Cities area that can promise him a great life in a forever home, please let us know! We would love to introduce you. In the meantime, he's lounging around the studio, soaking in the first "family life" he's had in a long, long while.


  1. Also, he was completely unfazed by the dogs and they all lived in perfect harmony from the get-go.

  2. What a handsome man! I live nowhere near, but I will help spread the word. He certainly deserves a loving home.

  3. awe, I'd take him if I were there. He looks friendly.

  4. Thank you, Shannon. We totally appreciate any help! Jesse, he is super friendly. I wish my other cats were as relaxed/ floppy as he is!

  5. What a gorgeous cat! Best of luck with finding him a great new home!