Thursday, July 14, 2011

Studio: Desk Situations

Oh boy... We did it again. We had a really late night last night. All three of us. Besides the random deadline, we had our patterns to finish and we went to eat a new place that opened up down the street called Kinsen. We had a awesome time and great food!

We got up this morning a little late. (Whoops). And now we're finally doing our patterns! While we're working, we're always surrounded by our stuff, supplies and various drinks and things. Here's the situation happening today. Our Desk Situations - authored by the desk-owners.

Lindsay's Desk: Too bad you can't see the 7 empty LaCroix cans and the stacks of tea.

Francesca's Desk: Covered in drawings, sketches and tracing paper artwork.

Chris' Desk: Packed to the brim with sarcasm

I'm sure we'll get back on schedule someday..... ? Right....?


  1. My desk is covered in a plate that is covered in the remnants of dinner (sweet potatoes and chorizo). And a bunch of other crap. yup.

  2. I love photos of people's desks. I bet your dinner has fried chicken on it. Right?

  3. Just for you I will sometime this weekend post a photo of my desk. I hope it is magical.