Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing Entries & Winner of the JULY PATTERN CONTEST!

We are super excited to announce the Entries of the July Pattern Contest! Thank you so much, everyone, for working so hard on these! I am so excited, you don't even know! Twelve fantastic artists took the time to make a pattern for our contest and we had a super hard time narrowing down to our July Pattern Contest Winner!


Congratulations, Anna Rodighiero, for making this amazing (and hilariously cautious) Sunscreen pattern! Oh yes, we DO know how important it is to lather it on before going out! There will be no premature wrinkles for anyone viewing her super cute pattern!
Please take a second and peek at the rest of her artwork! Anna, we are so excited to send you one of the cute waterbottles we've designed! Congratulations and thank you!

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down and we had a tie for second place!
YES. This vicious, yet patriotic, July 4th pattern by Jason Norman is to die for. Jason has a ton of crazy work that can be found on his website! Thank you Jason! This is awesome! For being one of our second place winners, we want to offer you the chance to pick one of our themes for daily pattern!

Our other second place winner is...
Melanie Schultz's roller derby pattern! Man, it makes me want to put on my spandex unitard and push some burly girls over! Melanie's other awesome work can be found on her site! Congratulations, Melanie! We'd love for you to pick a topic for our future daily patterns as a second place prize!

We have a ton more amazing patterns where these came from!

Nozomi Arisawa made this adorable (and tasty) pattern! I would love to share that cookie with her. She looks like she's really enjoying it! Nozomi's other artwork (and some other amazing patterns) can be found here!

Have you ever tried to make foliage repeat? It's super hard! I was really impressed by this naturalistic songbird pattern by Dustin Davis. Take a peek at Dustin's other great work here on his site!

Look at this powerful Star-spangled Pattern by Jamie Kalvestran! Jamie has a ton of great patterns on her sites!
Here are links to her website and blog. Thanks Jamie!

Emily Muschinske made two gorgeous patterns (along with some super fun coordaintes!) for July! All of her bird characters are so sweet! Emily has a ton of fantastic work on her site. She also has a teaching site that looks like a ton of fun! Thanks Emily!

I love the simplicity of Gail Rall's Bastille Day pattern! So bright and bold! Please check out Gail's website and blog for more of her great work! Thank you, Gail!

Greg Lindholm made this super refreshing, intricate watermelon pattern! Watermelon is the perfect summer food! You can't have a backyard bar-b-que without one! I love it! Check out Greg's design blog here.

I love birds! How did you know? Thyra Helgesen made this adorable pattern of a sweet parakeet! I love the little food bits! I recognize those!

Lisa Travis made this fantastic, textural July pattern! I love the small details! This would make a wonderful quilting fabric! Check out Lisa's other great work on her website. Thanks Lisa!

And last, but certainly not least, Emily Balsley made this totally adorable lighning bug pattern! I saw so many of these cute guys in real life only a week ago! We don't get them in the city, so seeing them was a real treat! I love this! See Emily's work on her website and visit her blog for more! Thanks Emily!

Thanks again to everyone that entered! We're proud to show off your work! Get ready for our August Contest, everyone! It'll soon be upon us!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Red, White & Blue pattern! Love your blog!

  2. You're so welcome, Jamie! Thanks for sending us a pattern! We are so excited!!

  3. Wow, what great patterns! Love the variety. Thanks for showing my lightening bugs!

  4. Hi Emily! You're so welcome! They're super cute :) We're so happy you were able to be in the mix!!

  5. whooooo pattern mania. I just noticed today on the Service Bureau's monitors that the greens on my pattern are INSANELY neon. I think my macbook needs some color calibration done.