Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daily Pattern - Cactus Terrariums

I was super excited about this pattern. My parents were up here last weekend and my whole family helped me build terrariums! I bought a ton of mini succulent plants, rocks, moss and dirt and we built almost 15 terrariums! I had asked my cute parents to add a couple words to our topic jar when they visited the office and I suppose they must have put this one in the mix!


My friend, (and very talented artist) Meg Hunt, also just made a bunch of cute paper terrariums for her show at Land in Portland, Oregon. She was there with me when I got my very first mini-terrarium! Good luck Meg! I hope your opening is wonderful! I was thinking about you while I was making this one!!


  1. Awesome!!! My friend and I are working on a big terrarium screen print!!

  2. That sounds amazing! I wish I learned how to screen print! I know how to set stuff up for one, but never learned how to make them! Woe is me!