Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interview with Fully-Fledged creator - Greg Lindholm

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A couple days ago I got to sit down with Greg Lindholm and discuss his new blog Fully-Fledged. Thanks Greg, for the great interview last week!

I also thought you would really enjoy his great new blog, so I'd like to share it! Greg is a fantastic guy with a quirky sense of humor and a great sense of style. His blog covers men's fashion & home, accessories, color and process of the things we'd love to own - all while relating it back to his love of birds!

Each mood board he does is headed with a different bird - and the images that follow create a lively collection that relates back to color, mood, or personality of each bird.

While we chatted, I asked him about where the bird theme came from. He explained that he's always had a fascination with birds (their ornate aspects, their character, and their wide variety of markings) and thought it would be a fun opportunity to meld his love of birds with his love of design.

He's looking forward to continue exploring his own voice, style and aesthetic through his content and is very excited to share it! He's also featuring up-and coming design, individual products, and some really fun highlighted posts about the stores we love. Congrats, Greg! We are super excited and can't wait to see what you post about next!

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