Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daily Pattern: Childhood

Despite the fact that my media consumption is roughly 95% video games and 5% Netflix (streamed through a game console, naturally), I didn't own any video games until pretty late in my life. My parents weren't fronting the dough, so I had to get random jobs to afford my passion for pixels.

It's the classic story of someone being denied something as a child and overcompensating as an adult. In my case, missing out on that sweet 8 bit era means now I have more video games than I'll ever have time to play...

My parents weren't morally against video games, but they're expensive and I was one of four children.

Even though I didn't have any games of my own, my friends had them in spades. PC, Atari, NES, Super NES, Genesis, Sega CD, SUPER FAMICOM! I had a source for everything.

So in the end, video games were a big part of my childhood. But I don't remember a ton about the games themselves. I remember the friends, late nights, birthday parties, overnights and long summer days.


Good times.


  1. You're on a pixel roll this week!! :)

  2. Oh man! This reminds me of what the floor in my room looked like when I was a kid. Way to take me back. Also makes me think of the SNES. Super fun pattern!