Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Pattern - July Pattern Submission Contest


We are super excited to announce our first monthly pattern submission contest! It's open to anyone that is interested in creating and sharing patterns!

Submit your patterns and win a featured mention on the site and a sweet waterbottle (designed by us here at Paper Bicycle!)

Each month we'll be hosting a call for patterns. You're welcome to submit up to 3 designs each month. The only rules are as follows:
  • The pattern(s) must be July themed
  • Submissions must be sent as 500 x 500 pixel, 72dpi jpegs and in RGB mode
  • Include your full name in the title of your file names
  • And include these in an email to chris (at) paperbicycle (dot) com along with your contact information (name, website or blog)
  • Patterns must be 100% original and created by you
The deadline for submissions this month is Monday, July 25th.

All entries will be posted the week of the 25th and a winner will be announced on Friday July 29th.

All submissions will be posted with your name featured beneath your work and a click-through to your site/blog.

** all patterns submitted will always remain property of the original artist! **.


  1. What fun! Thanks! I just emailed you my submission. Jamie Kalvestran

  2. That was faaast! Got it, thanks!

  3. When you say "July themed", do mean I pick any theme associated with the month of July OR is there a July theme named on this blog somewhere that I haven't seen yet?

  4. Hi Ricochet! You can do a pattern of ANYTHING that you think of when you think of the month of July. Absolutely anything! So, if you usually go up to the cabin in July, you can do something like that. Or, if you have a friend that has a birthday in July, you can make a pattern like that! Does that help? I hope you can make one!!!