Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is a cupcake kind of day.

We got to the office late today, but for good reason. It's cupcake day today.
It seems like every day is probably cupcake day here, doesn't it? We picked up some cute flower-topped cupcakes from Kowalski's  - where they make a point to decorate each one perfectly.

Lindsay's chocolate cupcake!
Taisha's cupcake
Francesca's Red Velvet cake is gone already

Its' a little humid here today, so you can see that our once-beautiful flowers have wilted a little. It doesn't make them any less delicious! It'll help make doing billing and paperwork a little easier for me today. (Yes, it's totally one of those days, too.)


  1. I miss Kowalski's, that place was my favorite.

  2. you should hurry up and move here already so we can go there together and get cupcakes and you can get fried chicken