Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Over) 100 Daily Patterns!

We started Daily Pattern on a whim, without thinking about how long it would go or what might happen along the way. It was just an excuse to make some art, really!

So we weren't keeping track of how many days passed or patterns got posted. But last night we realized; we've probably done a lot by now.

Sure enough, I counted 'em up and we've passed 100!


For those sticklers keeping track, since starting the project on May 8th we've done a total of 117 Daily Patterns! 131 if you include alternates, coordinates and the napkin patterns we did while in NYC!

So here's to celebrating (over) 100 patterns! Thanks to everyone working their tushies off to make them, and thanks to everyone looking at them, too!

And here's a celebratory pattern, since just making a lone trophy graphic didn't seem fitting enough...


Congrats to all! Now... I've got to start working on today's topic!