Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily Pattern: Pixel Lotus

Pixel lotus flowers? Whaaaaaa?

I was planning on doing a pixel pattern featuring Street Fighter's Dhalsim and his Yoga Fire... Yoga Fire... Yoga FLAME!

But then I made a celebratory 100th Daily Pattern, er, pattern and I decided I didn't have enough time to go into the painstaking detail needed for Dhalsim and his flaming awesome.

So I settled on lotus flowers (ala the Lotus Pose) but I was stuck in the pixel mindset. And that's how I got here.


But maybe yoga and video games do have more in common than you might think... I know I get into a pretty Zen state when I'm playing Battlefield.

Just ask Lindsay, she tries to throw popcorn my in slack-jawed mouth.


  1. This is my favorite pattern you've done so far. I'd wear a dress of this, for real.

  2. I will throw more popcorn in your mouth when I can, for real, also.

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