Friday, June 17, 2011

PB contributes to Ten Paces and Draw Blog

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We partook in a fun pattern project over at Ten Paces and Draw, a blog that celebrates uniting different artists through collaborative projects! Our favorite, Alyssa Nassner, invited us to participate in the latest topic: patterns. (Always a topic that's close to our hearts).

We each took a second to draw a sketch for a repeatable pattern of our own choice, and then were given a sketch by another artist to complete!
Here are our sketches:
Francesa's Strawberry Pattern Sketch

Lindsay's Face-Parts Pattern Sketch

Chris's Scary Sketch

Our lovely host, Alyssa Nassner, made this sketch:

Click through to see all of the final artwork we made in addition to the finished versions of our work by the other great artists that were involved! It was super fun! Thanks, Alyssa, for inviting us!

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