Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Pattern : OM. Say it with me.

I still have a yoga membership at corepower yoga, but I am horrible at going and I can only put myself through baby-yoga. Beginner yoga for wimps and weenies. Yoga that is in normal heat, with very limited sweating potential, and with moves that your infirm grandma could do. Unfortunately, I am quick to exhaust my patience reservoir when it comes to being uncomfortable while doing a relaxing activity, so I stick to the easy level.

The yoga classes I've been to recently have all had a little bit of chanting involved, so with today's topic, I had to do the symbol that means it all for me. If you've ever been there, you'll share in the magical secrets of OM. Say it with me.......


I am also happy to say I have had some of the best relaxing moments while taking a yoga class. Level 1 classes FTW!

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