Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Pattern: Minneapolis Hardcore

Minneapolis is hot, sunny and buzzing with activity right now. That's cool. But it won't last and that's fine with me.

I personally love the eerie quiet of the streets after a blizzard.


Terrible winters and bikes, you wonder? Despite the rough winters, Minneapolis is still #1 on America's Best Bike Cities. It's hard to go anywhere and not see bikes all around you.

The street signs in this pattern are Hennepin, Lyndale, Franklin and Lake, the four streets that create the boundaries of Uptown (where our studio is located).

The final sign is for Greenway, the massive stretch of beautiful, bicycle/pedestrian-only mini-highway that runs through Minneapolis, from St Paul to the suburbs. And is conveniently located one block from our office.

For a bonus, here's the pattern during a storm.


You can also see them in more detail on flickr.