Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daily Pattern : 60s bedsheets, only $30 on Ebay

Topic: Ditzy

I was waiting for a conference call tonight from a client in China tonight. I had about 20 minutes to kill, so I went to one of my usual internet haunts, Ebay. I have a tendency to horde everything from the 40s through the 70s. Anything paper, fabric, or what have you. Mostly all the stuff with vintage illustrations or patterns on them. I put a bid in tonight for a wallpaper swatch book from the 60s. I just couldn't help it.
My ditzy pattern tonight was inspired by all the sweet sweet goods I found. I love it so much. Donations, anyone? I'll gladly take your old 60s paraphernalia off your hands.



  1. I <3 60s bed sheets. Very nice print. great colors.

  2. A fitted sheet for a twin is 39inch x 75inch, twin XL is 39inch x 80inch, a full is 54inch x 75inch, a queen is 60inch x 80inch, a king is 76inch x 80inch and a California king is 72inch x 84inch. silk sheets You can buy Star Wars sheets in jersey or Spongebob sheets for a toddler bed.

  3. The thread count works in both directions as the sheets are made by crossing threads vertically and horizontally one on top of the other. silk bed sheets queen Once it is whitened, the sheeting will be rolled into a rope and place in a dryer which removes the moisture prior to dyeing

  4. This will help them to use and explore their imagination every time they are in the bedroom and it adds visual interest. triple bunk beds