Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily Pattern : One bad apple

Topic : Harvest

My parent's have had an orchard for years. Well, it's not so much an orchard as it is a bunch of fruit trees that they've planted about 15 years ago, and left to grow on their own in their back yard. Most of the fruit is wormy, due to the fact that my mom isn't a huge fan of spraying chemicals on plants, and a lot of it is inedible unless you want to pick around the bug spots. I guess it could be called an "organic" orchard. Maybe a better term for it would be "deer food".

Every year, though, I get to hear all about their bountiful wormy fruit harvest. I am wishing that I'll get to go on a fruit picking spree this year so I can get some of my favorite apples. Anyone else like Honeycrisp apples? Ooh, they're good.