Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Pattern: Brisk Dog-walking

I'm not happy unless I've got a jacket and scarf on. That's just one reason that fall is my favorite season. Cold enough for the sweetest clothes, warm enough to not be excruciatingly, bone-chilling cold. A match made in heaven.

Fall makes me think of taking brisk dog-walks in the crunchy leaves. It also makes me think of women's fashion in Minneapolis. As it get's colder, the tops get more and more layered, the boots get higher and bigger, but the stretch pants stay.


Alright Lindsay! Time to break out the weird ponchos! Oh wait, you never put them away...


  1. AGH! I am pretty much wearing a weird poncho for at least 23 hours of every day. I don't know what I've been doing for that other hour, but I should probably be wearing a poncho for that one as well.

  2. For the 24th hour you're wearing a snowsuit, normally...

  3. nice poncho, i hope it looks unique and have fun while Dog Walking.