Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily Pattern: Gig Posters

The best part of having a band? Coming up with a sweet name, of course. The second best part? Gig posters.

For today's pattern I made some gig posters to throw up on a grimy wall in some back alley. These were the first four band's I could think of. As far as I know, none of these bands actually exist, although I did no research to find out.


Once I started working on this pattern I realized I had just signed myself up to make 4 totally unique poster designs in about 20-30 minutes each. That include time to concept and sketch. I'm not a fan of being precise and careful, so this was a blast.

You can see expanded versions of each poster on my flickr: Rage Quit, Buttercup Nightmare, Mouth Punch and Double Monocle.

Alright, dudes! Rock out or get knocked out!

1 comment:

  1. I have to disagree with you, having band posters must be the best part of having a band! Cool!