Friday, September 2, 2011

Stellar Entries & Winner of the AUGUST PATTERN CONTEST!

Has it been a month already!? We are super excited to announce the Entries of the August Pattern Contest!

Special thanks to everyone for working so hard on these! Like last time it was hard to choose a winner, but it had to be done so we all voted AND...


Congratulations to Alice Rebecca Potter! This campfire themed pattern is a treat and also appropriately manly (in honor of this month's prize; a scarf printed with a pattern by Paper Bicycle's own Chris Hajny)! We all love it, great work!


What's this? Alice had two submissions this month, and this floral is equally as awesome (although decidedly less manly)! Way to go!

Be sure to check out her website and congratulate her via twitter at @AlicePotter


Alxndr Jones had a very good August... he got married! It sounds like an awesome time; his wedding was in (the always gorgeous) Duluth, MN and his "get away car" was a tandem cruiser bike! It was so inspiring, he had to make a pattern about it!

See more of Alxndr's work at his website, or follow him on twitter, he's @avintagethought!




Daily Pattern Contributor Emily Muschinske brought the fury with not one, not two, but THREE excellent patterns (LOVE that cute animals on that farm one, ahhh!)! You can see more work on Emily's website or follow her on twitter, she's @emilymuschinske!

Also: she teaches!




Another 3 pattern entry! Wow! Cyndi Coon came strong with these fresh, summery patterns! Makes me just want to drink some lemonade in my backyard on a warm summer weekend! Visit her website, blog and hit her up on twitter, she's @lab5!


And last, but certainly not least, some super-sweet lighting bolts by Anika Starmer! Anika was inspired by all the natural disasters she's had to put up with during the month of August; an earthquake, a hurricane and a lighting strike in her back yard! Yikes. Thank goodness she's alive to submit this dope pattern!

Also, take a peek at her blog! Or follow her on twitter, she's @aisforanika!

Thanks again to everyone that entered! We're proud to show off your work! And we hope you participate in our September Contest! Details coming soon!