Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily Pattern: The Mittens

Topic: Brisk

There was this picture book I remember from when I was a kid called The Mitten. It featured an abandoned mitten that ended up housing a menagerie of animals. There was at least a chipmunk, a fox, and a bear.
I considered that, but then settled on a menagerie of mittens. In the context of the story, this image is a little frightening.



  1. These textures are awesome. I want to put my hand in all of these. Even if there are mice in there.

  2. Agreed...Cozy. Fantastic job on this pattern. Beautiful color palette with the teal pops on all the rust colors.

  3. Oh man, I loved that book as a kid, not to mention Annie and the Wild Animals, which was basically the same story, but with muffins. And a house, but mostly muffins.