Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minneapoils Details : Ford Parkway Bridge / Mississippi River Graffiti

Chris and I went on a walk with the dogs this weekend across a bridge by our house. We live about four blocks from the Mississippi River near a bridge that crosses over into St. Paul. As we were walking across the huge, expansive bridge, I saw a glimpse of some color under the St. Paul side. When we reached the far side of the bridge, we crawled down the bank, alongside the supports of the bridge and found a gorgeous, colorful mess of graffiti. Finding stuff like this makes me want to run around and explore the other nooks and crannies. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we saw.




As we stepped down underneath the edge of the bridge, we could see across the whole Mississippi. The giant bridge had been painted all the way from where we were standing, to the other side of the river. We could see the tags run atop the first supports -- all the way beneath the road, high above the river. If you take a close look, you can see it. I can only imagine how crazy it must have been to scale the underside of that bridge. It's quite a drop down...





The dogs were running around like crazy-dogs, over rocks, mud and piles of smashed spraypaint cans. It was beautiful, and weird. Sort of like a strange, hidden place. I wonder how many people have been down there to see it?


  1. Whoa!! This is super awesome!! Who knew?!

  2. are you on the east or west side of the river in those photos? I biked below that bridge once on the west side, and saw some graffiti, but not quite that much (this was just a few months ago)

  3. and by not that much, I mean I saw one little tiny bit, hardly anything close that how much is in those photos

  4. Adam - I know, right!? Secret Surprise!

    Dustin - This is on the East side! On the St Paul Side of the river near Highland Park! It was a total adventure! We had to climb a bunch of rocks to get down there, dogs and all, but it was totally worth it!