Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Pattern: Debil Moon

Topic: Harvest

I'm happy to present this week's featured friend, Erin Klauk! She's starting us off with her lovely, seasonally festive harvest moon pattern.

“The story behind my pattern is that when I was a little girl and it was autumn in New England, my older brother and I loved when the moon was big and orange, a harvest moon. We called it the Devil Moon but I couldn't pronounce the V, so it became the "Debil Moon". My family has a history with words kids can't pronounce becoming the real names for things, so not only do we still call it a Debil Moon, but we have a great uncle named Poo Goo because my mother couldn't say "Mike" when she was little.

I am an illustrator who has always had a strong affinity with patterns and textures, which led me to textile and surface design. While I mainly illustrate and hand letter psychedelic gig posters and album covers for local bands, I also make tea towels and small fabric goods from my textile designs. My website is, my twitter is @klaukie, and my facebook "like" page can be found at . I also have an etsy page which will be up and running in a few weeks, just in time for holiday shopping: I live in Brooklyn, NYC (soon to be San Francisco, CA!) with my super sweet boyfriend Josh and our wonderful cat, Catter.”