Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Pattern : Falling Leaves

Here I am, finishing off the night of our "Fall" theme with my contribution. It's a little 60s inspired, colors and all - and also inspired by my favorite deciduous tree.
I made a bunch of ginko icons, too, but took them out at the last minute! Maybe I'll make a bonus pattern some day with those! Yeah Fall! Best season ever!



  1. I've been trying to keep up with the daily pattern posts and the more I see them the more I totally want to know how to make patterns. They look like so much fun to do!!

    Times like this I wish I could've squeezed more classes into my schedule (like 7 wasn't enough, LOL!)

  2. Thanks Miriam! Patterns are super fun! I know, School is insane most of the time! There are so many classes I wished I could have taken!!

  3. Beautiful colors on this. Always love your floral pieces.