Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Walk for Animals Recap

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Walk for Animals donation drive! It was a huge success and we raised nearly 600 dollars for the Animal Humane Society!

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate much (unlike last year) so we ended up very cold and very, very wet.

walk for animals 2011_1

walk for animals 2011_2

Despite some discomfort, it was still a ton of fun to see all the animals and people who did brave the weather to bring their cat/dog/pig/crocodile to the event!

Of course, Studio dogs Twinkle and Atari didn't seem too bothered by the rain, and I kept myself warm at the kissing booth.

walk for animals 2011_3

To those who donated; we'll be shipping out the prints and posters as soon as possible. If you haven't sent me your address yet, please do so! Just send me an email with your name, address and the name you donated under to chris[at]paperbicycle[dot]com!

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