Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Pattern: Treasure Islands (plural)

I know it's abut as expected as you can get, but here's my treasure map themed pattern! BUT! I saw Francesca was drawing ships over lunch, so mine is boat free!


Here's one a little further back so you can actually see all the islands.


Actually, I went a little overboard prepping for this pattern, so in addition to everything you see, I also drew boats, a whale, sea monsters, a giant squid, a whale and a compass rose. I even had labels for each island!

But it was just too crazy to put all together and still be able to see anything, so in the end I was left with just the islands!

For those curious, the island names were; Skull Island, Dead Man's Island, Black Crow Island, Gunpowder Island, The Spot, and Butterfly Sword Island.


  1. This is so excellent–one of my favorite patterns of all! My brother had this pirate playset that reminds me of Skull Island. Also, I'd like to see a pattern with all of that other stuff! Someday.

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