Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Pattern: Treasure Islands (plural)

I know it's abut as expected as you can get, but here's my treasure map themed pattern! BUT! I saw Francesca was drawing ships over lunch, so mine is boat free!


Here's one a little further back so you can actually see all the islands.


Actually, I went a little overboard prepping for this pattern, so in addition to everything you see, I also drew boats, a whale, sea monsters, a giant squid, a whale and a compass rose. I even had labels for each island!

But it was just too crazy to put all together and still be able to see anything, so in the end I was left with just the islands!

For those curious, the island names were; Skull Island, Dead Man's Island, Black Crow Island, Gunpowder Island, The Spot, and Butterfly Sword Island.

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  1. This is so excellent–one of my favorite patterns of all! My brother had this pirate playset that reminds me of Skull Island. Also, I'd like to see a pattern with all of that other stuff! Someday.