Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Pattern - Groupies

I'm not sure if I could ever have classified myself as a groupie, but I definitely remember having a deep love of a certain band that continued through highschool. It started to become weird when I was the oldest person at their concerts by about 10 years. Still, I remember the feeling of watching them play and singing along to every song proudly. Even if I was the only 25 year old in a sea full of teens.

a small swatch for full effect

a group of groupies - the whole pattern


  1. Ha, what's funny is I can tell you were the screaming, drooling one.

  2. I find this impressive. I am a fan of crowd scenes. And a never ending crowd is like never ending happiness. (I hate real life crowds though, with a passion. Empty space, my natural habitat)

  3. Probably your best pattern ever!!!

  4. Lindsay, I love . . . a group of groupies! Well done! Jamie