Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paper Bicycle NYC Trip

We're back in Minneapolis after a quick trip to New York City for Surtex and The National Stationery Show NYC!

We were there less than three days (only one full day), but we tried our best to have a good time when we weren't at the Javits Convention Center, walking the floor and taking classes.

We got there late in the day on Saturday. After stopping by out hotel to drop off our things, we made a beeline for Megu, a swank Japanese restaurant in TriBeCa.

The restaurant itself was gorgeous and the food was pretty phenomenal.










After that, we headed to St Marks to visit an amazing psychic that Lindsay always forces everyone to visit (I don't know the name of the place, but her name is Ann Marie and her shop is opposite the TKettle on St Marks...). She's been scarily accurate and has totally changed the life of at least two of our friends and seriously rattled a few more.

Unfortunately she wasn't available so instead met up with Victoria and got bubble tea at TKettle some hot dogs at our favorite NYC hot dog place, Crif Dogs.






On the walk home we grabbed some cupcakes at Pinisi Bakery, just 'cause.



Sunday was dominated by Surtex and the Stationery Show. We arrived at 8:30 am and left around 6:30 pm. Photography isn't allowed, but needless to say it was visual overload. We took turns walking the show floors and attending various talks of the conference program. A big thanks to everyone we met at the show, everyone was super nice and cool.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at Kinokuniya, a massive Japanese book store. Francesca flipped out over the original art by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda, and the rest of us just flipped out over all the cute, cute stuff.

After that long, long day, we headed back to St Marks to take another shot at seeing the psychic. This time she was in. I won't spill any details, but her record for being eerily life-changing remains completely intact. I will just say there was trembling, tears and 1,000 yard stares for a few hours after the reading.

We got some Ramen from a nearby shop, which was super delicious. Poor Taisha doesn't like Japanese food as much as everyone else, so she just settled for some Green Tea ice cream.





And since we were near the TKettle again, of course we couldn't pass up more Bubble Tea.


We were all exhausted, so we retired to our hotel for a fun night of PATTERNS! and tarot card readings until 4 am.



Well, Franceaca and I just traded turns in Fruit Ninja trying to claim the top score.


The final day was a short one. Lindsay and Francesca headed back to Surtex for one final conference. Taisha, Mary and I took a trip to ABC Carpet.



Before we re-grouped to head to the airport, we stopped at a little diner for some non-asian food, for Taisha's sake.



So that's that! A whirlwind trip summed up in a bunch of pictures. There's a whole bunch I'm leaving out, but that's ok. Don't sweat it.

I'll leave you with one subway photo, since we spent about 40% of our time in NYC down there and it feels a bit under represented...


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