Monday, May 16, 2011

Posting Patterns from New York, about New York!

So, we did it! We made it all the way through Surtex and the stationery show!
AAAAAND, we managed to get in our daily patterns! We decided to do it the old school way and create patterns about New York on some good 'ol scratch paper, by hand. We are having a great trip so far, and it's been amazing (we'll post pics when we get back!)
In the meantime, here are some pics of our NYC patterns and some more pics of us hard at work!!

Chris, drawing

Chris loves food! Here is his stain-y pattern!


Francesca's cute building pattern!


Lindsay's NYC pattern


Mary's delicious pattern!

Mary's mini sushi pattern!

Taisha! Our new intern! Drawing away!

Taisha's psychic-inspired pattern!


  1. Could you make a post about how you fold the paper to create the repeated patterns? They look really neat and I'd love to try some myself!

  2. Sure! I'd love to! We'll see if we can do this soon for you! I think that's a fun project and we'd love to see what you make if you try it!!