Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Pattern: Writing Utensils

Even though I'm surrounded by nothing but art for my entire life, it still works out that I can never find the writing utensil or art-making tool when I need it.

If I'm sketching I only have pens and x-acto knives. If I'm need to make a mock-up, I only have pencils. If I just need to jot an important number down, I don't have anything.

Anyway, I started this pattern thinking about these work utensils that have messages about being a working artist written on the side instead of brand names. Unfortunately it became super hard to read at a small size, so I ended up making the type a little bigger and bolder than I was originally planning.



I think if I were to actually use this pattern, I'd take the words out, but hey, they were important to the brainstorm.

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