Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily Pattern: Apple

Topic: nerdville

I've been a fan of Apple computers for awhile. All of my patterns have been made on either this lovely iMac or my trusty MacBook. I can't pretend I know a lot about computers, though.
This pattern stuck to the Apple products in my immediate vicinity. There are a million things that could have been used to make a sort of tribute pattern to Steve Jobs, but the most inspirational thing is kind of hard to capture with a visual. He kept working. That kind of devotion has to come from somebody who loves what they do.



  1. Hi There!

    I think this pattern is very cool and I would like to use it in a new website i'm creating about that kind of things.

    Can I have your permission to use it? Please, it would be awesome!

    1. Hi Anon!

      As long as you give us credit, you sure can! Send us a link to your website, too–we'd love to see it :)

    2. Ok, no problem =) I put the link here when the site is ready, now its in construction phase!