Friday, October 7, 2011

Super Entries & Winner of the SEPTEMBER PATTERN CONTEST!

It's that time again! Time to showcase the entries, and lucky winner, from the September Pattern Contest! Again, I want to give a special thanks to everyone for taking the time to make these excellent patterns! It's always hard to choose a winner and this month was no different!

But first off, I'd like to make an announcement! It's official; Philadelphia is the best city in the entire world, ever! At least, it is if you base that on the response to this month's pattern contest! Nearly half of the participants were reppin' Philly! Take that, every other city!

Anyway, without further ado:


Congratulations to Mithi Shafiq! I love, love, love this pattern Mithi made about the iconic ships in the harbor of her hometown of Bristol! As cool as those boats might be in person, they're not as cool as this pattern! You can see more great work on her site!


Mike Meulstee loves everything about Philadelphia, as you can see from this ultra-dope pattern! See more of his work at his site and follow him on twitter at @artisticdork!

ContestSept2011_ MariaTinaBeddia

Maria Tina Beddia is so confident that Philadelphia is the best that she doesn't need to give you a boring list of reasons. She sums it up herself in one sentence; "Philadelphia is the place to be." Can't argue with that. See more at her site!


Adam Kurtz lives the good life in Baltimore! Why, the alley right behind his own house is a treasure-trove of things to see! In his own words "Dirt and debris, stray twigs and dead animals, and plenty of trash... the alley is truly a special place within Baltimore, one of the most special cities in the world." Check out more work on his super cool portfolio/store and follow him on his blog and flickr!


Amanda Allen just moved to a new city! Exciting! She doesn't know many people yet and this pattern is dedicated to the time she spends bouncing between the couch, kitchen table and the bed as she settles into her new digs! See what she's up to at her blog!


Seattle might be pretty rainy a lot of the time, but Felicia Buchko (little sister of Paper Bicycle's very own Francesca Buchko!) thinks that is A-OK! Find her on twitter at @feliciabuchko

ContestSept2011_ NinaGlaser

Nina Glaser loves Philadelphia for many reasons, but most of all because there's a beautiful, leafy park right outside her front door! Check out her studio Ash & Anchor, make sure to follow her blog and find her on twitter at @ashandanchor




Libby Walker
gives us a sneak peak into her life in Glasgow with a trio wonderful linework patterns! Wow! Visit her site for more sweet art!

Thanks again to everyone that entered! Super work all around! You're all welcome, along with anyone else reading, to participate in our October Contest! Details coming shortly!


  1. Congrats to the winner, i love all these patterns too :)

  2. We're so excited about this month's entries! They were all so good!

  3. Yeah Philly! and Baltimore! And Adam is my friend. :)