Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily Pattern : Fruit Parfait

Topic : Plant

I don't get it. Sugar has always made me feel awesome. Then, one day, a year or so ago, I just couldn't eat it. I'd still try, and then, to my dismay, I'd feel like garbage and regret it. Even cupcakes. EVEN BUBBLE TEA. These days the most sugar I can get is a fruit and yogurt parfait. So these days, I make cupcakes for everyone else I know and live vicariously through them while they eat. I'm not sure if that makes me awesome, or a creeper. I'll try not to stare too hard next time you're eating something awesome near me. I'll keep it to myself -- then I'll go home and eat some fruit.


p.s. thanks to everyone that tried to watch me livestream this. I had some major computer issues BOTH TIMES! I didn't even realize livestream stopped until I was totally done! Woe is me. Maybe it'll work better next time! Waah!

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