Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Pattern : Sleep Eating

Topic : Late Nights

Sleep-eating is a family affair over here and I have witnesses. Not only do I "wake up" in a stupor, but I make a bee-line for the grossest, greasiest, sugariest thing in the house. Then I eat the whole thing. No kidding. I eat until there isn't anything left, and then I look for the next best thing. With my eyes closed.

It's a mystery why my ENTIRE family does it, and it's even more a mystery why I haven't turned into a massive blob by now. My mom is notorious for waking up and polishing off a bag of chips, while my sister gets the icecream. On our Montana trip this past August - my oldest brother, Tony, stumbled into the kitchen of our shared condo and polished off two cans of whipped cream with his eyes closed. It's a hereditary trait, I guess.

Here's to one of my many talents.


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