Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Pattern : Good vs. Evil

The other night Francesca and I were leaving the studio around 11pm to grab some donuts at Kowalski's. Our building and the street outside was pretty silent. We were about to turn down the alley to get to my car, when a drunk man walks up and catches us at the entrance of our notoriously cruddy alley

"Hey, Ladies... Have you ever seen a Somali Pirate?" he says and flashes us a huge drunken smile

"Ahahahahaha, nope!" I say as we slow to scoot past him, (Cue, my own incredulous HUGE smile) -- and we keep walking down the pitch black alley

And he says :
"We'll you're looking at one! Have a good night, ladies" and stumbles off.

And now we know a Somali Pirate. Ah, fate smiled upon us that day. Dark Alleys + Pirates don't always end as wonderfully as this! And then we ate donuts.

With that, here's my pattern for Versus : Choose your fate!




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