Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daily Pattern : Thems fightin' words

Topic : Wrestling

Of course. There are only a couple ways to go with a topic like wrestling. My dad was a state champion wrestler in high school back in the day! A month ago, while I was visiting him and my mom - he brought out a huge box of his high school paraphernalia. Articles, photos, clippings from the school paper. He told me he was going to throw it away. Of course, I freaked out and told him I would be incredibly heart broken if he did! It's rare that you get to look through your parents old stuff! It's like uncovering a piece of an incredible mystery. It probably doesn't need to be said, but he promised me he'd keep that box of old stuff for me. I'll add it to the pile of sentimental awesome things I am beginning to accumulate.

No, my dad wasn't a Mexican wrestler, but this topic made me think of him anyway.


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