Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Pattern : DIY Halloween Costume Contest!

Topic : Halloween

Happy Halloween, my friends!

Did you go out this weekend and party it up? I think Chris mentioned it before, but a bunch of us got together and made some super fun last-minute DIY skeleton costumes! I'm so excited to wear that hoodie again! I think my class might get to see it -- as I get to celebrate Halloween one more time!

Did you make your own costume and party it up this weekend? Anyone else out there do a DIY costume?
If you have some awesome pics from your outings and want to share them, send them to Chris(at)paperbicycle(dot)com (with your name) and we'll post em up!

AND -- if you end up being my favorite creeper, you'll win one of our sweet Paper Bicycle designed travel mugs ;)

Just send your costume pictures our way by Dia de los Muertos! (End of the day on November 2!)

Happy Halloween, my friends!


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