Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Pattern: Best Feline Friends

Daily Pattern: BFF

Cat's are weird. For instance, when a dog meets another dog, it's the greatest day in the world. Excitement and fun is sure to follow.

When a cat meets another cat, it's the end of the world. Hissing and scratching is sure to follow. But that doesn't stop us from filling our house with a colorful assortment of feline friends. Like Pokemon, we gotta catch 'em all!

Our cats have the natural tendency to pair off. Each one as a compliment, and if you are looking for one, you're likely to find the other. Because they're BFF's: Best Feline Friends!

Unfortunately, while they each have their soulmate, they're not all friends. Most of them also have a WFE, or Worst Feline Enemy. And for the most part, the WFE is one cat in particular (I'll let you guess which one is the baddie from my pattern).



  1. i'm guessing the white one, and i think he bullies the one squinting his eyes. the all grey with yellow eyes looks like mine.

  2. I love this pattern, great expressions on the cats.

  3. AWW, Big Eyes, Little Baby Olivia! Also I like Beard-o Zeus. He's wizened.

  4. @Pedro- Nope! The bully is the squinting one! The white one is just always sleepy looking!

  5. @Nancy - Thanks! The funny part about having a ton of cats is you see how different their personalities can really be. I didn't have to think about the expressions, that's just the way the cats are!

  6. Very neat! The kids will surely love this pattern:-)