Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Pattern: Fierce like Lightning

Topic: Storm

We get some pretty serious storms in Minneapolis. I love them but I guess the weather is a little less predictable other places around the country. It can go from sunny to rainy to massive hail to full-on tornado within an hour, and it's not particularly noteworthy.

I remember one day at a previous job, we had a design review in a top floor board room during a massive storm. The sky was a dark green and there were warnings of tornadoes. There were huge chunks of hail pelting the floor-to-ceiling windows but it was business as usual until one of the designers, who had just moved from NYC, interrupted everyone and shouted "DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE?"

He was terrified and wanted us all to go to the parking garage. When the meeting continued on as normal, he wasn't very happy.


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