Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Studio : A New Bird Friend!

Let me introduce you to our new friend! We just got a studio bird and we are SO excited!! He's only been with us for a couple days, but he's fitting right in!

So here's my problem...
I've had a heck of a time naming him, and so far the names I've given him have only stuck for about 45 minutes. Most times I just call him "Small", or "Tiny".
He's just a baby still, only 12 weeks old -- and he's an albino parakeet! It's so fun having a little guy here that can be out of that big cage. Already he's making the rounds, helping out, choosing topics for Daily Pattern, and giving much needed critiques.

I was wondering if you had any good names for my friend?
I'm on the verge of naming him "Peety".
Any suggestions?

Organizing my stuff

Choosing next week's Daily Pattern topics

Hey there, my small friend

I hope I can find him a name soon!


  1. Well, he's albino (and also very cute, btw), so how about Albie?

  2. Ruth - that is a super cute name! :) Lemme test it out!! :D

  3. Hi Ruth! We're still trying out names. Albie is still in the running! One of these days we'll have to choose one! I'm sure he's getting impatient! :)