Thursday, October 27, 2011

Studio : A little rivalry

Alright guys, you have to see this. I know it's not the best picture, but look at this giant, goofy dog trying to squeeze his way into a tiny dog bed. For the past week we've had our hands full baby sitting these 3 dogs as they get used to "working" together in the studio. Atari's jealous of all the new attention that Sully has been getting, so he's acting out his frustration by pretending he's a 10 pound dog instead of the giant beast he is.

I don't think he's fooling anyone. Anyone have any good tricks for introducing dogs and easing their introduction?

Dog bed


  1. It's a power display. Dogs understand their place in the pack by who sleeps closest to the pack leader. That's why dogs are obsessed with sleeping in their owner's bed. Atari is putting Sully in his place by showing he has the power to kick him out of his bed. I once saw a dog training programme where they got the owner to stand in the dog's bed until the dog understood the owner was in charge! Sorry I've got no ideas of how to stop the behaviour but I hope this is some help in understanding why it's happening.

  2. Hi Val! I believe it! It makes total sense that Atari feels a bit intimidated! He's such a big baby! You should see the fit he puts on when we give attention to the other dogs! Maybe I'll stand in Sully's bed and see what happens!! :)

  3. They all have to not only get used to each other, they have to establish their pecking order. YOU guys should all be top dog, but they are figuring out the rank. A lil growling and skirmishing and such is normal as long as you can stop it and no one gets hurt.

    For the past 5 years we have had our newest puppy, she has not been allowed in the living room, due to our little (yet much older) dog. It wasn't until recently that the younger dog has been allowed in the living room; after a year of occassionally pinning the older smaller dog on the groun on her back for a second or two. It looks like crazy violence to us, but to them, its order.

  4. Love it. I use to have a Rottweiler who would lay with just her butt in our smaller dogs bed. You just have to wonder what they are thinking . . .

  5. @ Mike - it would seem that way! They did a little better on Thursday and Friday! We'll see again tomorrow!

    @Jamie - I know! Sometimes I think I can see their thoughts on their faces! They're so silly sometimes.