Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Pattern : Pile of Leaves

Topic : Eco

Wow, today was invigorating. I got a ton of stuff done - made about 6 or 7 patterns at work, got paid, had amazing / inspiring conversations with Alyssa, had a second re-affirming great conversation with Chris, and FINALLY, after grabbing a quick slice of pizza from Pizza Luce down the street, I'm sitting down to post my pattern.

All that happened at work, so when I got home - it was a huge surprise to see that my dad and his friend Sergio had completely cleared up my yard for me! I now have a crazy awesome manicured place (who knew this was possible!). In fact, the leaves were all raked up, and it looked so good I was like "where am I? Who's house is this?" Here's a leafy pattern in memory of the leaves that are no longer littering my crusty front lawn. May they be traveling to better, more compostable places.


1 comment:

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